Earn more as a Podcaster

exclusive podcast content

Offer exclusive content

Give value and get value, by allowing paid access to your exclusive content.

Private podcast feeds

Give early access

Allow your members to get access to your podcasts before the rest of your listeners.

podcast donation tool

Frictionless donations

Allow users to donate without ever entering their credit card details.

private podcasts

Accelerated payment experience

With integrations with Apple Pay and Google Pay, your listeners don't have to enter credit card details to pay you. No messy web forms, your listeners can now donate or pay for access to an exclusive episode or feed in two taps.

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Easily subscribe to private feeds

Your listeners won't be limited to any particular podcast player, and you don't have to figure out how to get them to subscribe to a messy private feed.


Your brand front and center

Your users don't need to know about SideCast. With completely branded payment landing pages and custom subdomains, keep your listeners engaged with your brand.

track podcast income

Track your revenue

Track your membership or donation revenue on your dashboard. View the performance of multiple podcasts in a single account.

podcast payments

Works everywhere

Your listeners can pay or donate from any podcast app, you're not limited to earning from a single app.

Keep your workflow

Keep your existing podcast cms and audio production workflow. Sidecast fits right in with your existing toolset.

You retain control

No need to change existing advertising agreements. You can keep your sponsors and it's up to you how you'd like to charge.

"We've doubled our podcast revenue simply by asking
for donations. With an awesome donation UX, we can't
wait to see the impact Sidecast could have. "

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The Productivity Podcast

“Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish
anything.” “Never trust spiritual leader who cannot

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The Karate Kid

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